Making More Mandalas

Time for some much needed Zen time...aka quilting more Magnificent Mandalas!!  Most quilters are surprised to learn that these intricate designs involve very little planning and even less marking.  I simply start at the very center and work my way out one layer at a time.  Working improvisationally allows me to focus on stitching the current motif, without having to worry about what comes next.  

At our monthly guild meeting yesterday, I found some metallic threads at our Boutique, which was used to add some sparkle to my mandala design.  50 weight Aurifil in Dove (#2600) was used in the bobbin.  
Sparkle & Delight

Once my mandala design was quilted, I used my seam ripper and curved thread snips to carefully cut away sections of the solid blue quilt top to reveal one of my hand dyed fabrics hidden below.  This particular quilt sandwich was prepared last year, so imagine my surprise and delight as long-forgotten colorful bursts of magenta, purple and turquoise were uncovered!!  
Sparkle In the Night, 17" x 18"

Aurifil Liberty (#3852) was used to quilt wavy flames that radiate out from the mandala design.  The variegated red, white and blue adds beautiful texture and sparkle!!
My Quilt Models Susie Q & Panda

Tonight's photoshoot may have caused a slight delay in the girls' dinnertime and evening walk, resulting in some hilarious antics from some particularly treat-motivated pups...
Silly Pup Poses Complements of Susie Q and Panda

I've got several Magnficent Mandala workshops coming up on my teaching schedule.  Join me and have fun adding Zen to your free-motion quilting!!


  1. Beautiful work, Mel. I see someone has claimed this quilt.

    1. Panda performs vital roles with my quilting: security against the postal/delivery crew, quality control and model! This little is on loan to another guild to promote my Magnificent Mandalas workshop!!


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