Project Quilting 9.5: A Stitch in Time...

This week kicks off Project Quilting 9.5 with a fun new theme:  A Stitch in Time...  Being the 9.5 challenge, I drew inspiration from "Working 9 to 5" in my selection of unconventional materials:  office supplies!  Confession time:  I get all giddy just looking through a Staples catalog!  Instead of an initial fabric pull, I raided our stash of office supplies for fun colors, shapes & textures!
Leverage My Resources

As the saying goes, "A stitch in time saves nine," I started with a traditional 9-patch layout featuring 5 CD envelopes alternating with Post It Notes...9 to 5!!  Using a Michael Miller Cotton Couture bright blue solid for the background really transforms the entire composition and helps the "patchwork" to truly pop!
Back to Square One

Rather than leave the CD envelopes empty, I used them to frame mini artwork created out of Post It Notes and Post It Page Markers.  Initially I created color blocks, which was interesting but needed something more.  Inspired by my Bullet Journal, I used a fine black Sharpie pen and started creating checklists, calendars and important reminders for myself.
Push the Envelope

Keeping with the "A Stitch in Time" theme, I knew I wanted to use staples to create some kind of stitchwork.  Once I installed my artwork inside their CD envelope frames, I used my stapler to create some Big Stitches.

For my alternate squares, I experimented with both the orientation of the blocks as well as adding embellished details using paperclips and self adhesive plastic tabs.   
Think Outside the Box

Here are a few more experiments with orientation, embellishment and layering of the Post It note blocks.
Circle Back Around

Once a composition was selected, it was time to figure out the construction logistics.  Loops of green painter's tape were used to baste the blocks in place.  Unlike the UNO cards, the Post It Notes and CD envelopes were more fragile and I feared they would not survive quilting/applique with my sewing machine.  Instead, tulle netting was layered over the entire quilt and I was able to carefully stitch around each design element, creating a pocket (as I did in my RE$I$TAN¢E piece).
Creating Synergy!

Loop de loops and zig zag meander were free-motion quilted using a matching Turquoise (#2810) Aurifil 50-weight around the Post It notes to prevent them from shifting.
Results Driven

A coordinating striped fabric was used for the binding.
"Working 9 to 5", Finishes 16" x 16"

While I named this quilt "Working 9 to 5,"  the design work and bulk of the quilt assembly was done on Thursday between 1 PM and 5 PM.  All that was left was to create my label and bind, which was done this Friday morning between 10 AM and 11:30 AM.

Online Voting will open on Sunday afternoon.  Be sure to check out all the fun takes on this week's challenge theme "A Stitch In Time..." and vote for your favorites.  Hint-hint, be sure to check out #23.

One more Project Quilting challenge to go!  The last challenge will be announced on Sunday, March 18th.  There are a few more unconventional materials on my list to try, so hopefully one or more of them will tie in nicely with the next challenge theme?!?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Wendy--a lot of thought and intentionality goes into each quilt, even on short deadlines. Glad you enjoy!

  2. I love that you're using so may different materials in these quilts!

    1. Thanks Hilary--I am having so much fun introducing unconventional materials into my quilt making and the challenge of how best to construct each quilt. Sew many possibilities!!

  3. I had to laugh when I read that you love Staples stores! My oldest daughter once told me that going in to office supply stores made her feel happy & calm. I like the way you have used unconventional items on all your projects!

    1. Thanks Amy! But don't even get me started on going into an actual Staples store!! I am really enjoying incorporating unconventional materials into my quilts, as it is opening up so many new design possibilities!

  4. Mel, your mind works in mysteriously marvelous ways! Love it.

    1. Thanks Jo...there is a method to my madness! These one week challenges really help push my creativity to all new levels!!


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