Village Quilters Interleave Inductees!

This weekend, I had the delightful pleasure of visiting the Village Quilters Guild in San Diego, CA!  Yes, it may have lightly rained for much of my visit, but this proved to be a happy occurence for several reasons:
  • San Diego (like most of California) has been experiencing a drought, so rain is greatly needed!!
  • In lieu of outdoor excursions, I had the opportunity to visit Visions Art Museum  and see the absolutely spectacular "The Nature of Things" exhibit featuring awe-inspiring quilts made by Jane Sassaman and Betty Busby!!  If you are near the San Diego area between now and April 8th, this is a MUST SEE exhibit!!  
  • The sun did make an appearance on workshop day.  Rain + Sunshine = Rainbows!  I love rainbows and the workshop classroom was a spectacular display of color and fun!! 
Several of the quilters brought a full rainbow of fabric strips to create their Interleaves Quilts...including this fun Interleave in progress!  Such bright happy colors!  The quiltmaker wanted to explore alternate options for ending her Interleave quilt.  She loves yellow and so I suggested perhaps piece a strip of blue dots (rain) and yellow stripes (sunshine) at the end to create a prism of color.  As I visited the lovely bolts of fabrics at Sewing Machines Plus, I came across this fun panel that we experimented with fussy folding as potential border strip.  Not only did the quiltmaker go home with a panel to finish her Interleave, but so did 2 others in class...including ME!!!
Somewhere Over the Rainbow & There's No Place Like Home

Here are two more fun rainbow Interleave in progress...
Chasing Rainbows

The End of the Rainbow

Here are some more fun color & fabric combinations...
Bright As a Button
Cool Blues, Bright Yellows and Pops of Purple

This striped ombre is a multitasker:  streamlined the assembly process and adds great energy to the design!
Earns One's Stripe!

This pretty palette was the first to be completed in class.  We spent some time in class auditioning different binding fabrics.  We started with 5 fabrics, each of which could have worked quite nicely.  Two fabrics in particular really framed this lovely finish and I cannot wait to see which one the maker chooses!! 
Pretty Purple Palette with Some Accent Colors

Here are a few more reasons to be thankful for rain...beautiful floral blooms!!
Beautiful Blooms of Camelia & Hydrangea

Many thanks to the Village Quilters for a weekend filled with color, creativity and fun!