Design Elements: Triangle Mini Challenge

An Element of Surprise -- A Fun New Quilt Challenge

While at QuiltCon 2018, I learned about Curated Quilts' new Triangle Mini Challenge.  This fun new challenge invites participants to:

  • Create a quilt using the selected color palette, all or in part:  Pool Blue, Lime Green, Orange, Light Pink, Berry Pink and Plum Purple
  • Use Triangle as the overall inspiration
  • Finished quilt entries need to be Square, sized 10" - 16"
Selected quilt entries will be published in Curated Quilts quarterly issue.

Using the postcard, I went to my stash of solids for my initial pull.  During my teaching travels, I visited a few quilt shops and picked up a few more solids to fill in any gaps.

In My Color Element

Triangle design inspiration came from the triangle symbols used to represent the four classic elements, with corresponding colors from the challenge color palette:

  • Upside Down Triangle - Water (Blue)
  • Upside Down Triangle with Line - Earth (Green)
  • Triangle with Line - Wind (Orange)
  • Triangle - Fire (Pink)
Once my triangle symbols were pieced, I explored lots of different layouts and had great difficulty choosing my favorite.

Playing with the Elements

In addition to pressing most of the seams under, extra loft was achieved in each of the triangles by stitching an additional layer of batting underneath.  Each trapuntoed triangle area was then outlined stitched in Aurifil's Medium Purple (#2545) and surrounded by densely quilted designs inspired by each of the elements in matching Aurifil 50 weight threads:

  • Water - Ripples and Bubbles in Light Grey Turquoise (#2805)
  • Earth - Pebbles in Light Spring Green (#3320)
  • Wind - Spiraling Air Currents in Limioni de Monterosso (#4658)
  • Fire - Flames in Pink Taffy (#4660)
  • Background Areas - Zig Zag Meander in Medium Purple (#2545)

Elements Combined

As I was working on my Triangle Mini, I reflected on Lyric Kinard's lecture "The Elements of Art for Quilters" from our February Guild Meeting.  In her lecture, Lyric equated the elements of arts to the "Alphabet of Art" and showcased quilts that included each design element.  She encouraged us to add these ideas into our creations and things we love to make.  As I step back and evaluate my quilt, I believe my quilt successfully includes all five art elements:
  • Texture--extra loft created through trapunto and surrounding quilting designs give texture to an all solid palette
  • Shape--pieced and quilted triangles
  • Line--diagonal line of pieced triangles and lattice of lines in negative space add movement
  • Color--selected color palette used in pieced design and quilting
  • Value--light value triangles and stitched triangles almost float off the surface of the quilt, against the dark plum background, creating the illusion of depth and dimension.
"Design Elements," Finishes 13.5" x 13.5"

If you get a chance, I encourage you to check out the online gallery of all the quilt entries.  The use of the bright color palette gives the entire collection a vibrant but cohesive look, and I am just in awe at everyone's creative interpretation of the triangle theme!!


  1. I love the purple background supporting the 4 bright representations of the elements. The quilting supports without overwhelming the message. Whoohoo! Phyllis

    1. Thank you Phyllis!! The dark plum added a much needed value change and is an all around great color too! I had to restrain myself on the I am glad it didn't overwhelm the message!

  2. What a lovely quilt! Colors and design, everything is perfect!

    1. Awww...thank you Frederique! This is one of my favorite minis for all the designs reasons you mentioned! Thanks for visiting!

  3. I love that you showed so many variations that you considered. And the FMW on the final quilt is superb! Thank you for linking up with Show Me Something Purple.

    1. Thank you! I very rarely lock into a design from the start. There is usually quite a bit of experimentation to figure out the layout...even on these minis!! Looking forward to February's Link up theme!


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