Disney Magic & Inspiration

Last week, I visited Disneyland for the very first time!!  What fun to spend two full days reliving some of my childhood memories of watching Disney movies and cartoons.  As a bonus, the entire park was decorated for the winter holidays and I just loved the transformation from day to night!!
Disney Castle

It's A Small World!

On Day 2, we went to California Adventure and visited Radiator Springs where all the holiday decorations featured various car and driving themes:  traffic cones, oil cans, tires, air filters, road signs, and more!
Happy Holidays from Radiator Springs

Of course, I couldn't resist snapping a few quilt inspiration photographs...
Quilt Design Inspiration

Free Motion Quilting Motifs: Spirals, Pebbles and Figure Eights

Free Motion Quilting: Feathers Inspired by Alice's Wonderland

Walking Foot WOW Designs

 There were lots of beautiful tile mosaics that really drew my attention...

Including this mosaic that featured a variety of objects including silverware, flower pots, mugs & other trinkets!

Many thanks to my friend Lori for sharing the Disney magic with me!!