Week 1: Sketchbook Challenge

Award winning quilt Artist, Sue Bleiweiss is hosting The Sketchbook Challenge, as a fun way of encouraging daily sketch sessions. This ties in nicely with my New Year's Goal of making time for more creative play.

There is something paralyzing about sketching in a pristine journal: where to start?  what if I make a mistake?  Silly, I know!  So I skipped the sketchbook and opted to sketch one 3x5 index card each night as a way of commemorating the daily events.  If I mess up--I simply start a new card!
My Sketchbook Substitute: 3x5 Index Cards

Each card starts with a word that sums up the day: purge, productive, phone or packing (that is a lot of P words for just one  week!) From there, I doodle images related to my day. Once my daily doodling is complete, I turn it over to add a date and some quick bullets from the day's events.  They all fit back into this embroidered zip pouch, along with a black Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball Pen (my current favorite as I keep one tucked into my BuJo as well)
Adding Notes onto Reverse and Storage

I am really enjoying this nighttime ritual as a way of reflecting on my day and documenting it in doodles.  I will share my progress from time to time.

If you want to learn more about this fun challenge: