Valentine's Day Bouquet

Quilting these hand dyed mandalas is so much fun!!  For this mandala, I set my clock every 20 minutes and took a picture of the quilting progress.  Play along and see if you can spot all the stitched additions between each timed photograph...
Get Ready, Get Set...Go!

20 Minutes

40 Minutes

1 Hour Mark

1 Hour and 20 Minutes

1 Hour and 40 Minutes

2 Hours

2 Hours and 20 Minutes

2 Hours and 40 Minutes

By the 3 Hour Mark, I managed to complete all the background quilting!  And that included a few breaks to check email, social media, etc.  All that was left was to trim, label, and face my hand dyed and quilted mandala.
Quadrant Detail of Front and Back

Quilt Back

Aurifil 50wt threads were used for all the quilting and finishing.  The mandala quilting was done in Very Dark Navy (#2785) and Turquoise (#2810) was used for the background wavy meander and facing.

When it came time to make my label, I studied my finished mandala for naming inspiration.  The entire design started with a set of hearts, surrounded by more petals and then an outer ring of leaves, which reminded me of a flower bouquet...hence Valentine's Bouquet (which I may have misspelled 'Boquet' on the first label attempt!!)
Valentine's Bouquet, Finishes 21" x 21"