Wild Makeover

This set of blocks were made as a teaching sample for my Free Styling & Spiraling workshop.  They are fun but were in need of a much needed quilting makeover...
Square Spirangle Blocks

Usually I skip on borders as I never know how to quilt them, but how could I resist adding this wonky, zebra striped spinning borders?!?!  Natural White (#2021) Aurifil 40wt thread was used to stitch out the flowers (all four stitched in one pass without breaking thread!) and most of the zebra stripes.  French Lilac 50wt was used to fill in the background of the flowers with zig zag meander.  Magenta (#2535) was used to top stitch the binding on, making for a wild finish.
Wild Free Styling & Spiraling, Finishes 19" x 19"

I am scheduled to teach Free Styling & Spiral workshop on April 3rd for the Pine Tree Quilters Guild in Grass Valley, and again on July 6th for Almond Country Quilt Guild.


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    1. These spirangle blocks are fun to make and I just love the energy they add to my quilts. And quilting is always fun for me!!


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