Mod Mola Making with River City Quilter's Guild

There was a hot crowd at the River City Quilter's Guild June meeting.  Not only was the Sacramento area experiencing triple-digit temperatures, but there were some technical challenges with the church's A/C during set up and the first half of the guild's meeting.  Luckily, the A/C kicked on in time for my Challenge Yourself! lecture/trunk show presentation.
Guild Meeting Set Up and Brilliant Stained Glass Windows

The quilting fun continued into the next morning, for a day of Mod Molas & Bright Blooms.  Everyone was super focused as they stitched out their own original floral wholecloth quilts.  There was a wonderful mix of quilting experience, including long arm quilters, quilters both experienced and new to free motion quilting, as well as several quilting with their walking foot. 
Super Focused Stitching Flowers

Stitch by stitch, everyone's floral designs started to come together into fun garden scenes.
Stitched Wholecloth Floral Quilts

Towards the end of the day, it was time to pull out our trusty seam rippers and Havel Snip-EZE thread snips for the cutwork reveals!! 
Time for Cutwork Reveals

All their hard work and patience paid off as layers of brilliant color, pattern, and brilliance start to peak through one snip at a time!!
Brilliant Bloom Finales

Here are just a few of the happy Mod Mola Makers pausing long enough to show off  their brilliant blooms...
Happy Mod Mola Makers

Everyone was having so much fun with the cutwork, I wasn't sure I would be able to get them all to pause for a group photo.
More Happy Mod Mola Makers

Just a few days later, I received an email from Brenda Perry, Programs Chairperson, which included a photo of her fabulously finished Mod Mola.  Brenda's quilt is filled with lots of gorgeous quilted texture, including a new-to-her Zig Zag meander for the background!!  Her cutwork reveals just sparkle and glow.  And check out Brenda's quilt label, where she incorporated a recent coloring/painting workshop to paint a miniature version of her quilted flower onto her corner label!!
"Modern Mola," Made by Brenda Perry

Many thanks to Brenda for sharing her finished Mod Mola, and for being a wonderfully organized and absolutely fabulous host.  Special thanks to all the River City Quilter's and guests for the warm and friendly welcome!

The River City Quilter's Guild is hosting a Quilt & Fabric Festival September 27-29, 2019.  Be sure to mark your calendars as there will be hundreds of quilts on display (which I hope will include a few Mod Molas), a Challenge Quilt display,  quilts made by the Featured Artist Sandra Mollon, workshops, demonstrations, and vendors!!


  1. River City looks like an awesome guild. How fun for you!

    1. They are a very talented and vibrant guild with lots of programs and activities for their membership. I was honored to be included in this year's offerings!


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