Free Styling & Spiraling with Almond Country Quilters

This past holiday weekend, I drove down to Paso Robles, CA to lecture and teach for the Almond Country Quilters.  Friday night's lecture was very well attended.  Prior to me starting my Dare to Dye lecture, the Programs Chair presented me with a Almond Country Quilter's lapel pin.  Afterwards, several guild members came up to apologize for several cell phones going off in response to 7.1 earthquake, which was still several hours drive south of us.  Thankfully we did not experience any of the shaking or aftershocks.
Great Turn Out for Dare to Dye Lecture/Trunk Show

The next morning, we were free styling & spiraling!!  Over the course of the morning, a fun mix of square spirangles were constructed using two different techniques.
Stunning Square Spirangles

One participant had recently returned from taking a class with Bonnie Hunter, who signed her Bernina sewing machine.  I was honored to be included in her new workshop tradition!!
Sewing Machine Memento

After we reenergized over lunch (complete with a yummy mushroom quiche, freshly made marble poundcake, and lots of fresh watermelon), we explored hexagons, diamonds, and triangle spirangles!!  Check out the fun mix of spirangles pieced over the course of the day!
Spirangle Blocks Spread Out

At the end of the day, there were lots of happy smiles to go along with all the amazing spirangle blocks!!
Almond Country Spirangles and Smiles!!

Here are a few sights that made me smile at the Adelaide Inn, where I stayed overnight.
Adelaide Attractions

Many thanks to Elizabeth, and all the Almond Country Quilters for a very lovely and fun weekend!!  I'll be teaching Free Styling & Spiraling at Pacific International Quilt Festival on Friday, October 18, 2019.  Be sure to sign up before all the spaces are claimed in this fun and improvisational workshop!!


  1. Another great workshop. You are finding friends everywhere with your fabulous teaching skills. I’m so glad you escaped the earthquakes.

    1. Thanks Ann. I love meeting new-to-me quiltings along my travels, and lots of great quilters in the Paso Robles area!! I too was relieved to be north enough to not be impacted by the earthquakes!!


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