2019 Recap of Pacific International Quilt Fesitval

This year's Pacific International Quilt Festival was a 6-day marathon of quilting inspiration!  It all began on Tuesday with dropping off my quilt entries, as well as helping to mount the New Quilts of Northern California exhibit hosted by Northern California Quilt Council.  Once our work was done, we had a chance to explore some of the other quilts and exhibits.

Wednesday evening I met up with two fellow teachers for dinner.  After our meal, we walked out to discover a glowing sunset.

There were lots of fabulous quilts on display.  Here are just two that stopped me in my tracks:
Zoe Williams, Digital Interface, Blue Ribbon for Best Interpretation of Theme

Zoe's color and fabric choices just glowed.  The wavy spirals and finger prints added wonderful movement and I loved finding all the quilted messages hidden in the background.

Jane Rundle, Mood Ring-Because I Can

Jane's quilt featured improvisational piecing that exploded out from the center.  What a great way to celebrate the mood of each day!!

I was honored to have three of my Quilts included in this year's juried competitions.  These three reflect a wide range of my quilting styles and techniques:  raw edge applique mandala, wholecloth painted political quilt, improv pieced modern quilt!  It was fun to see my Fruity Mandala hanging next to Body Count as you first walked into the main hall.
My Quilts on Display

On Friday I taught my Free Styling & Spiraling workshop.
Teaching Fun

There was lots of improvisation at work as everyone adapted to the cozy workshop space...
Improvisation at Work

...And by the end of the day, the demo table was covered with technicolor, improv pieced spirangles:  squares, triangles, and a few diamonds!!  Below are two snapshots or you can watch the video tour including all the makers here.
Spectacular Arrray of Free Styling & Spiraling Units!!

Of course, I also explored the Vendor Mall and made some fun purchases:  threads, needles, fabrics, and a new-to-me/gently used classroom demo model Gammill Long Arm Machine.
Fun Finds in the Vendor Mall

Sunday afternoon was a flurry as the New Quilts of Northern California exhibit was taken down, and all my quilts were returned to my care.

Marking my calendar now for October 15-18, 2020 for another round of PIQF fun at the Santa Clara Convention Center!!


  1. Your quilts were beautiful and it was fun to be able to look at them for as long as I wanted. Congratulations on a successful show and classes.

    1. Thanks Ann! I enjoyed seeing the Fruity Mandala paired with Body Count as you first entered the main exhibit hall!! It was a great show and I am counting down the days until PIQF 2020!!


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