Emerald Valley Quilters and Art Inspiration

The week before Thanksgiving, I flew up to Eugene, OR to lecture and teach for the Emerald Valley Quilters.  This trip was sprinkled with a variety of Artwork and inspiration, starting with a layover in Seattle where I spotted Frank Stella's York Factory A.
York Factory A, 1972 by Frank Stella on display at Seattle Airport

That evening I presented my CREA-TV & Reality Lecture/Trunk Show at their guild meeting.  At the conclusion of my presentation, I went out to the lobby to answer questions and realized that my quilts were displayed across 5 or 6 large tables, each of which was surrounded by members getting an up close look at the free motion quilting.
Post Trunk Show Spread

The next day was free to explore the Eugene/Springfield area.  My host Patrice introduced me to a variety of quilt and sewing machine shops in addition to one last stop for Art inspiration: The Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend.

Upon entering the hospital, a security guard greeted us and asked us if we knew where we were going.  We explained that we were told that there was considerable artwork on display in the hospital and asked him for directions.  He looked pretty perplexed as this was the first time he had been asked about the hospital artwork.  After consulting with the welcome desk who was equally stumped by our inquiry, they guessed there might be some in the larger lobby and showed us the hallway leading there.  Almost immediately we discovered Oregon-inspired artwork hanging throughout the hallways and in each of the smaller waiting rooms.  Edward Kellogg's Rocky Stream was one of my favorite paintings for his wonderful use of color (which you can see at play in the detail shot).
Edward Kellogg's Rocky Stream

In the lobby we discovered more paintings and some spectacular glasswork located in the Chapel.  My photos do not do justice at how beautifully these glass murals glowed with the sunlight, but I did try to capture the amazing texture of the glass.
Stunning Glass Murals in Chapel

As we were exiting the hospital, we saw the same security guard and let him know we found the artwork.  While we were on our quest, he must have some some sleuthing and had some new recommendations of additional artwork including a mosaic backsplash in the Emergency Room!

The workshop was held the next day at Our Sewing Room, a Gathering Place for Sewing Friends.  This large sewing venue is available on a membership basis and/or for groups to rent, and has the most amazing set up!  Not only were there several large clusters of tables, but tall cutting stations, ironing boards/irons, design walls, sewing machines available to rent, die cutting system, and old library catalog cases filled with various sewing notions!
Welcome to Our Sewing Room - An Amazing Venue for Sewing/Quilting!!

Over the course of the day, these quilters embraced improvisational piecing, including a few members who initially shared that this really isn't their style but their friend encouraged them to give it a try!
Slice of Improv FUN

Collections of improvisationally pieced blocks grew in number and interest...
Improv Collections

And such a fun assortment of background colors and insert strips.
More Improv Collections

Towards the end of the day, we did a little show and tell of everyone's creative experimentation with improvisational piecing.  We showcased those blocks that may have started out as a mistake but yielded wonderful results or pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved with Slice and Insert piecing.  We also explored design possibility for their blocks by playing with a few different layouts.
Oh the Design Possibilities!

Inspiration on Display at the Entrance

I am truly honored to have this opportunity to meet so many amazing quilters!!  At the end of class, one of the participants gifted me with 3 beautifully knit potholders as a thank you.  And just a few days later, I received an email from April R that included a photo of her finished table runner completed just in time to decorate her table for Thanksgiving!!  April shared that she hid the initials of her 2 grandkids in the piecing, and that she was "motivated to do more than stitch in the ditch" after seeing my lecture/trunk show!
Emerald Valley Treasures and Festive Finishes

More inspiration found on my walkabouts around Eugene...
Eugene Walk Abouts

And here are a few parting photos taken at the Eugene Airport of three statues from Eugene's 2002 Ducks on Parade:  Buckarette Duck by Christine Pendergrass, Track Duck (no information found), and Closet Duck Fan by Rita Fiddler.  I still have no idea how I missed them when I arrived?!?
Ducks On Parade at the Eugene Airport

Many thanks to Emerald Valley Quilters for the warm welcome!!  Special thanks to Patrice, Cheryl & April for being fabulous hosts and showing me around the beautiful Eugene area. 

What a wonderful conclusion to my 2019 Teaching Calendar!!  During the month of December, I will be keeping busy in the studio working on a number of projects and getting ready for another great line up of teaching engagements in 2020!!


  1. Finding art in ordinary places, i.e., not museums or galleries, is such a joy! You've inspired me to check out Eugene sometime. Congratulations on another wonderful workshop.

    1. I treasure thes gifts of art and inspiration! Eugene was a lovely area--very green and lush. Amazing food and people!

  2. Thank you so much for teaching us! We really had a great time😄

    1. Thank you! I truly enjoyed my visit...it was the perfect culmination to my 2019 teaching calendar!! I can't wait to see how everyone's projects evolve one slice at a time!


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