Dice Doodles: A New 100 Day Project

More Fun with Dice...

Completing my first 100 Day Project was bittersweet. On my first day off, I found myself missing this daily habit and started to plan a new and different 100 Day Project. I made some mental notes, enticed a few friends to join the fun, and set a start date of Monday, July 20th (which will take me out through October 27th). I percolated a few different ideas but true to form, waited until last minute to really firm up my plan. 

My project got off to a bit of a rough start. I found one of the widest pieces of solid fabric in my stash and used the last package of batting to prepare a large 55-60" quilt sandwich. I used blue painter's tape to mark out a 10 x 10 grid of 5" squares. When I went to mark out the perpendicular lines, I discovered that not only were most of my rows now 6" wide, but I was one row short of the 10 needed! I started to rip out the lines of stitches but knew this would take hours and opted to set it aside entirely!
Day #1 Fail

While I was disappointed (to put it mildly), I was determined to forge ahead with my project. I prepared a new quilt sandwich using materials I had on hand: two large squares of 45" Prepared for Dye Pimatex cotton and some white craft felt in lieu of batting. While I had to scale down the block size to 4", I double and triple checked (and even had Doug check my work) before I began the stitching to ensure that there would be 10 rows across, 10 down, all 4" apart!!
Day #1 Recovery

Stitching this second grid provided me with time to finalize my goals and game plan for this new project, which I will share here.

  • Draw inspiration from my surroundings to doodle new FMQing motifs and filler designs

My Process:

  • Roll one die the night before (or early in the morning) to choose source of inspiration:
        1=Photo: Walk Abouts (outside/inside), Nature, Architecture, Textures, Lines, Shapes, etc
        2=Music: Song Title, Lyrics, Melody
        3=Text: A single letter, word, or quote that captures the day
        4=Events: World/Local News, holidays, my life/my family
        5=Memories: Memories from my childhood, camp, living in NY, etc
        6=Artist's Choice: Create whatever makes me happy that day!!   
  • Doodle/sketch potential FMQing designs/motifs
  • Stitch out 1 block measuring 4" x 4"
  • Post daily on Instagram (Include dice roll/source of inspiration, doodles (including outtakes), and stitched block 
  • Weekly Blog Post with reflections/insights, and potentially videos
  • Juki TL 2010Q Sewing Machine equipped for FMQing
  • FMQing accessories: Machingers Gloves, thread snips, tweezers, blue painter's tape etc
  • Fabric, Batting, and Contrasting Threads (weights ranging from 28-50wt)
  • Dry erase board/markers for doodling
  • One 6-sided Die, Dice Doodles Log, and Sheet Protector
Tools for Dice Doodles

On Day 1, I rolled a 5, for Memories as my source of Inspiration. I reflected on my days at Girl Scout Camp and practicing for the annual Canoe Regatta (photo bottom left) before using the dry erase marker on a special dry erase notebook to doodle out canoe-inspired designs.
Day 1: Doodles

And here is stitched doodle in black thread on the white background (left) and the small colorful accent added on Day 2.
Day 1: Stitched Doodles

On Day 2, I rolled a 6 for Artist's Choice: Create something happy. Ice cream sure makes me happy, especially on these warm summer days!! Below you can see my dry erase doodles and the final stitched block.
Day 2: Doodles

You can follow my journey daily via Instagram, and I'll be sure to post weekly reviews here on my blog. Or better yet, choose your own 100 Day Project and join me!!