100 Days of Dice Doodles: Week 3 Update


And the Dice Doodles fun continues with Week #3 which features Blocks 17-23. Several of the designs incorporate multiple thread and color changes, with several blocks employing extensive threadplay.


Today was packed with wonderful opportunities to CONNECT with quilters all around the world via today's amazing Global Quilt Connection: Virtual Meet the Teachers webinar. You can watch the video recording of all 30 teacher presentations including mine starting at the 46:40 minute mark as well as sign up for to watch the upcoming Meet the Teachers webinars scheduled for September and October. Later this evening, I presented my Challenge Yourself! online lecture/trunk show for the Santa Monica Quilt Guild and tackled emails, social media, and phone calls in between. Thank goodness for technology to keep the quilting community inspired and connected!!


There was some loud construction along my usual morning walk prompting me to take a slightly different route. Just a few yards into my detour I spotted these beautiful hibiscus blooms. What a happy start to my day and inspiration for today's Artist's Choice inspired doodle. 


💥 Holy teaching calendar!💥 Riddle me this: Why did I schedule 6 lectures and 7 workshops this month!?!? Actually I am really excited about teaching again! Today I went into crunch mode to tackle a few projects and wrap up some loose ends. Thank goodness for my handy to-do lists to keep me from going batty! 🦇 Yes, I was totally channeling the 1966-68 Batman TV series and their sound effects graphics that flashed across the screen during action scenes.


These music inspired dice doodles usually involve an hour or more of listening to various songs before choosing one to inspire that night's block. First I considered one of my all time favorite songs, OAR's Crazy Game of Poker, which references a royal flush. So I dug out a pack of playing cards and started photographing a Royal Flush. Then Doug suggested Kenny Roger's The Gambler, which led to Doug singing along to the lyrics. These songs both led me to Juice Newton Queen of Hearts!! As I studied the Queen of Hearts I discovered a variety of patterns and designs in her royal robe. I extracted these various patterns and stitched them around the perimeter of a heart featuring a Q in the center. Each of the face cards had a variety of designs which means I may have to shuffle the deck for more FMQing fun?


After living here for several years, this mysterious vine appeared and started growing up and around our various gardening tools. Much to my delight it was a morning glory with these glowing yellow and pink centers surrounded by this brilliant blue-violet exterior. Over the years I've been photographing these spectacular blooms and heart shaped leaves, thinking they might inspire a quilt. I did several abstract exercises as part of Jane Sassamann's Abstraction from Nature workshop but abandoned them for an Aloe inspired project. 

While the morning glory blooms appear to be a very simple shape, I really struggled with establishing the outlines in both my doodles and my first attempt at stitching. A dreaded seam ripper was involved before finding a solution for establishing the flower and leaf outline. Everything else is totally free hand stitched and involved 6-7 thread changes and lots of threadplay!


Earlier in the evening I presented a Challenge Yourself! double header for the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild followed by the Northwest Quilters Inc. What a delight to be welcomed into both their online gatherings and to see lots of engagement and positive feedback via the chat and Q&A. I look forward to seeing the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild for a Free Styling & Spiraling workshop later this month, and Northwest Quilters in April 2021 for more quilting fun and inspiration!!


This evening I was craving a campfire favorite: Pudgy/Pudgie Boys! Never had one?!? Here is the recipe and accompanying stitched illustrations for making this decadent camping dessert:
  1. Spraystick inside of cast iron pie iron.  A sandwich maker/griller will work if you don't have access to a campfire)
  2. Lay a slice of bread on one half and cover with peanut butter (stitched peanut butter background added later in illustrations)
  3. Add chocolate bars
  4. Add marshmallows
  5. Cover with a second slice of bread
  6. Close pie iron
  7. Place over warm coals to toast bread and melt chocolate/marshmallows
  8. Enjoy
  9. Don't forget to lick any melted chocolatey, peanut buttery, and marshmallowy goodness off your fingers!!
  10. Repeat as desired!!
For more yummy pie iron recipes, check out Pudgie Revolution (and it appears there is a second book now available). 

And here are all 23 Dice Doodles!!


  1. You are so good with your stitching. At times, these look like ink sketches. And your instructions are so clear. Best wishes!

    1. Thanks Ann...I am enjoying these evening stitching sessions and seeing what transpires with thread!! And the fun continues as I start Doodle #29 soon!


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