100 Days of Dice Doodles: Week 11 Update

Another week's worth of Dice Doodles, featuring a new line up of interesting sources of inspiration for continued free motion quilting fun...


Several online events this past week (Quilters Take a Moment, Textile Talks, and Global Quilt Connection Virtual Meet the Teachers) have reminded me that "It's a Small World."
"It's a world of laughter
A world of tears
It's a world of hopes
And a world of fears
There's so much that we share
That it's time we're aware
It's a small world after all"
Written by Robert B. Sherman, Richard M. Sherman

Given all that is going on in the world/my life, these theatre masks represent the range of emotions (laughter, tears, hopes, and fears) that I am likely to experience in any given day, hour, or minute! I am sure you can relate!


Tackling today's to do list came to a screeching halt when the neighborhood lost internet for most of the day and evening. I finally gave up trying and took a nap so I could hit the ground running once internet was restored for the 1,000 customers impacted... many of whom are working and/or schooling from home. So incredibly thankful I was not scheduled for any lectures or workshops today and that the internet was restored so I could take care of a few projects this evening...


It was spa day for Panda and her sisters. Lots of bubbles and suds were involved! Below is my process for using thread play to recreate this Panda portrait.


How do you get a tissue to dance?
Put a little boogie into it 😂
Tissue boxes are a great source of design and color inspiration! When my allergies flared up this evening, I reached for a tissue... and proceeded to stitch my daily doodle using a loop de loop variation.

What kind of tissues do mathematicians like?


Remember all those emotions that I may feel in the course of any given day? Oftentimes, they are triggered by the news of the day. The night before, there were several photos showing President Trump "hard at work" during his stay at Walter Reed Medical Center. In the morning, several news outlets covered this staged photo shoot where the president was simply signing his name to blank pieces of paper using a Sharpie marker...taken 10 minutes apart as evidenced by the data contained within the photo files! 

Well heck...I can be "hard at work" too and had fun stitching my signature to a blank square! I channeled a few of the President's quotes (and those of his daughter) into my posting:

"I'm doing well" as "nothing can stop" me from working on my 100 Days of Dice Doodles! Ahh... these daily doodle sessions are "therapeutics" for me, especially when it means stitching my signature across a blank square. 

Stitching the Sharpie marker definitely required more than 10 minutes and 4 thread changes. The dense stitching warped the block a bit, so I went back in and added some zig zag meander in a red, white, and blue variegated thread which captures the political tension with the upcoming Election 2020!


Tonight's warm weather took me back to spending my summers sleeping in a platform tent at Camp Wakoda (located in the Harriman State Park, NY and operated by the Sarah Wells Girl Scout Council). I especially loved rolling up the sides and seeing the lightening bugs at night and waking up to see deer grazing. We used to call it "Hello Nature!"

I didn't have good pictures from my time as a camper or staff member, but I found these photos taken a few years later as part of some inter-camp prankster fun! 


Recently I treated myself to a new piece of jewelry, a Crystal Pendant handcrafted by Blob Blob Studio (Instagram: @blob_blobber). I love how it changes color and sparkles in different light and angles (which was surprisingly difficult to photograph--so be sure to check out Blob Blob Studio instagram feed for better photographs).

In honor of today's #6 Dice Roll in stitching whatever makes me happy, here is my stitched sparkly crystal square. The finished result was well worth the many thread changes to capture the spectrum of color!

Cheers to passing the 3/4 mark in my 100 Day Project!! Time sure flies when you are having fun...