100 Days of Dice Doodles: Week 13 Update

This was another busy week of online lectures and workshops...and with each evening culminating with a stitched doodle session. Of course it will be no surprise that several of this week's stitched designs were inspired by my teaching schedule and content...


Girl Scout camps issue color coded swim caps to quickly identify each camper by name, tag number, and swim level. I started out at the first level-red swim cap which limited me to the shallow areas. After a few summers, I slowly worked my way up to a yellow, green, and blue cap. White swim caps were rarely issued as it required mastery of all swim strokes, including the butterfly! I worked so hard to achieve the required proficiency and was so excited when I finally earned my white swimmers cap!!!

Fast forward to being a lifeguard/swim instructor at another Girl Scout camp, where they used a reverse color designation with white caps issued to non-swimmers and red caps for the most advanced swimmers!! It totally changed my perception of the coveted white swim cap!!

I had fun using a variety of designs from my Modern Free Motion Fillers & FUN! workshop including clamshells to stitch out these little swimmers in their color-coded swim caps. Initially I was trying to stitch out eyes but probably should have stitched swim goggles!!


"Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out."
-James Bryant Conant, American chemist, former President of Harvard University, and first Ambassador to West Germany
Discovered this little stone turtle on one of my walkabouts today... following my live, online Slice of Improv workshop as part of Pacific International Quilt Festival Online!! Improvisational piecing can be scary for many quilters, but these quilters were fearless as they improvisationally pieced intersections, Pi, wedges, and spectacular curves. This quote is a wonderful reminder for taking risks and working outside our comfort zones!!


Another fun day of teaching Free Styling and Spiraling as part of PIQF Online. We had quilters improv piecing spirangle designs throughout CA, PA, VA, IL, TN, WI, Guatamala, and up super late in England! 

Today's doodle by dice is inspired by a...
Flashback to my freshman year at Siena College and my decked out dorm room...complete with rainbow doorbeads on my closet! 

And a flash forward to some of the doorbead designs that were included in my next day's Modern Free Motion Fillers and FUN! 


“The flower doesn’t dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes.”
― Mark Nepo, American poet and spiritual adviser

Another doodle inspired during my reset for teaching Mod Molas & Bright Blooms with the Walla Walla Valley Quilt Guild!! Check out all their lovely garden scenes that bloomed into brilliance with the cutwork reveals!!


After four consecutive days of teaching online workshops, this photo pretty much summed up how I was feeling!! Although I doubt I looked this adorable passed out in my post-workshop nap!!

Growing up, my grandmother crocheted many afghans for us to cuddle. I still have one of her granny square blankets that is big, heavy, and filled with rings of color...which served as inspiration for today's stitched doodle! Enjoy watching the dense stitching with 40wt and 28wt threads to recreate one granny square. 


My ballot has already been counted, but the announcement about the rule change to mute mics in the final Presidential Debate made me smile. It certainly made for a more civil debate...although my pre-debate preparation still involved margarita making!


There have been many visits to the New York State Museum, located in Albany, NY: field trips for Girl Scouts, 4th Grade, and hosting a German Odyssey of the Mind team, college, and my friend's bachelorette party! Some of my favorite exhibits included Adirondack wildlife, a Sesame Street set complete with Oscar the Grouch, an Iroquois longhouse you could walk into and explore, the 9/11 World Trade Center rescue and recovery response, and a working carousel on the 4th floor overlooking Albany. Plus there was lots of art outside on the Empire State Plaza and along the underground concourse. Below is my stitched rendition to capture some of the architectural elements.

One more week to go in this stitched journey! Join me for the final week reveal and a wrap up blog post where I'll share my reflections... 

...And if you are intrigued by this 100 Days of Dice Doodles (or perhaps my 100 Days of Dice Designs), join me for a 90-minute Design by Dice! live, online class as part of the Virtual Quilt Show on Tuesday, November 10th from 4-5:30 PM CT/2-3:30 PT.  This is a brand NEW program! Add a playful twist of inspiration to your quilt designs through the use of dice! I’ll introduce how I use dice to challenge myself and explore new design combinations in terms of color schemes, elements of art, design principles, block orientation, and quilting motifs. Then it will be your turn to roll the dice and play with these concepts through several hands-on exercises!

I'll also be teaching a "Road Map for Teaching Online Lectures and Workshops" live, online on Wednesday, November 11th from 6-7:30 PM CT/4-5:30 PT (there is only 1 open spot as of writing this post!) 

The Virtual Quilt Show has a fabulous line up of pre-recorded and live workshops with an amazing line up of educators teaching design, piecing, domestic machine quilting, longarm quilting, and more!! I am signed up for "Fast Forward Feathers" and "Inkedoodle: Feather" with Karen Marchetti

Registration is open so be sure to sign up soon!!


  1. So many wonderful ideas and stories, Mel. And now I know where your blog name came from!

    1. Yes--Peace, Love and Happiness has been my personal mantra since high school (and quite possibly junior high too!!) I used to write it on all my penpal letters and still include it in many of my correspondence...and yes...my blog! Glad you are enjoying these insights into my creative journey!!


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