100 Days of Mark Making on Fabric: Set Up

Over the years, I've taken a few surface design workshops and as a result, I have amassed a rather large collection of pens, markers, paints, etc. I thought a 100 Day Project would provide the perfect opportunity to experiment and play with these various mediums. 

In the weeks leading up to the kick off date, I gathered all these supplies that were stored throughout my various crafting spaces. Having them all out on the floor made it easier to take inventory and group into various categories: pens, markers, watercolor pencils, textile paints, dyes/inks, rubber stamps, textures, brushes, etc. 

Thanks to a few studio reorganization sessions earlier in January, I cleared some space for quick and easy access.

Having everything inventoried helped to determine new dice assignments based on medium as well as various shapes/patterns.

In addition to daily mark making on fabric measuring 10" or larger, one of my goals is to actually use some of these fabrics in my quilt making. Worried that I might have a mishmash of fabric swatches, I decided to focus on a different color palette every two weeks, starting with black and white prints, followed by the colors in rainbow order. Hopefully this will help coordinate fabric pulls for use in four or more finished art quilts. 

1/100: Markers + Artist's Choice

Thanks to my new storage system, it was easy to locate four black markers: Jacquard's Tee Juice with a Broad Point, Medium Point, and Fine Point, in addition to a Fabrico marker with dual tips.

Each swatch started by making large dots in various patterns using the Tee Juice Broad Point. Additional marks were added using the other three markers to yield a fun collection of black on white Pimatex PFD cotton prints.


2/100: Dye-na-Flow + Triangles

There was a bit of a learning curve involved with controlling the Dye-na-Flow which flowed rather quickly off the brush and through the fabric. Attempts to add more patterning may not have been successful, but at least I gained better control over applying the Dye-na-Flow.

Here I embraced the ebb and flow, but could not resist adding some dots.

And soon new designs began flowing fast with greater success. I started by making straight lines that overlapped to form triangle centers, followed by gentle arcs. 

And here is the complete collection from Day 2...

My mark-making journey is off to an exciting start! My plan is to post daily to Instagram (and #The100DayProject Facebook Group), in addition to weekly blog posts here! I hope you'll join me on this new creative journey!! 


  1. These could be printed for resale. They are fabulous and so are you, Mel.

    1. Awww...thanks Ann! I am really excited about this new creative journey and the various printed pieces that are emerging each day. I can't wait until I have enough pieces to make my first art quilt!!


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