100 Days of Mark Making on Fabric: Week 4

And the mark-making magic continues through Week 4. Lil' Callie (below) was especially excited to coordinate with the 2.5 yards of fabric marked during this week with pops of black, white, and red/pink!

Join me as I share more about the various mediums and marks that made up this week's creative experiments:

22/100: Textile Paints + Circles/Dots

Earlier in the day I rewatched Deborah Boschert on The Quilt Show (Her episode 2108 was free to watch on TQS's temporary website). Her demo on printing your own fabrics inspired me to create circle designs using toilet paper tubes, sequin waste ribbon, a small mason jar, and a small pill bottle. Thanks Deborah for inspiring a fun evening printing session and probably multiple future sessions using some of the other techniques presented!!

23/100: Watercolor Crayons + Triangles

A nod to traditional quilt blocks was involved in today's triangle play with Marabu Art Crayons and aloe vera gel. A 9-patch grid was subdivided to create an Ohio Star design.

Aloe vera gel was then applied along the marked lines to blend the paint in towards the center of each shape. The second design features wavy lines and triangles to form Stalactites (or Stalagmites depending on the orientation of the fabric!!)

24/100: Pens + Artist's Choice (Hearts)

I love the precision of using the Uniball Signo and Gelly Roll pens to doodle on fabric!! I was putting the finishing touches on my new Crazy in Love with FMQing workshop and had fun doodling out some of the motifs. It's just one of the many ways that I can show some love for this 100 Days of Mark Making project and for all you joining me on this creative journey!❤️❤️

25/100: Markers + Circles/Dots

Several Jacquard Tee Juice markers (colors and points) were used to "Connect the dots...la la la la la!" And now you probably have that Pee Wee Herman song playing in you brain!

I know you are, but what am I?!? Answer: I am having loads of fun with this 100 Day Project which is 1/4 of the way done! Whoa!!!

26/100: Dye-Na-Flow + Artist's Choice

Flowing with gravity!! Three squares of PFD fabric were all taped onto a plastic sheet and propped up at an 75-80 degree angle. Starting at the top, Black and Brilliant Red Jacquard Dye-na-Flow were poured onto the fabric working down in organic rows and columns. Fabrics were then laid flat to air dry before using a hair dryer (or else I might have been up another hour or so waiting for them to thoroughly dry).

A few experiments were conducted with applying the Dye-na-Flow, with very exciting results:

Fabric A started out dry and had the two colors dripped in different areas with very little mixing/overlapping.

Fabric B was again dry and had the two colors poured on top of each other

Fabric C was dampened with water before pouring and overlapping the Dye-Na-Flow colors. It was then spritzed again with water to really blend the two colors.

I am quite pleased with all 3 outcomes and will surely revisit this technique again!!

27/100: Textile Paints + Quadrilaterals 

I was secretly hoping to do some gelli printing today and was sooo glad my dice roll included fabric paints and squares! This evening's mark-making fun involved Golden Open acrylic paints in magenta, black, and white and a variety of square textures: vinyl placemat, mesh onion bag, rubber sink mat, stencil, and rubber squeegee combs!
Rubber Mat & Squeegee

Rubber Squeegee

Vinyl Mats + Rubber Squeegee

Clockwise Starting Top Left: Stencil, Onion Sack, Rubber Squeegee, and Onion Sack. 

28/100: Artist's Choice + Triangles

Trying out an assortment of bubblegum pink pens and markers to create totally tubular triangle designs.

And that concludes Week 4 and the two weeks of adding Red/Pink. My grand total is up to 10.75 yards of mark-making fun!!

Next up will be the introduction of Orange. You can get a sneak peek of the first few bursts of orange designs on Instagram.