100 Days of Mark Making on Fabric: Week 6

This is my second week of using orange in a variety of mediums to create nearly 2 yards of marked fabrics for my 100 Days of Mark Making on Fabric!

36/100: Dyes + Wavy Lines

Making waves with ProChemical & Dye's Silk & Fabric Paints. Fabrics are posted in the order they were painted (starting top left going clockwise) to show how each design idea flowed into the next. Hopefully you can spot the connections between each swatch.

37/100: Artist's Choice + Circles/Dots

Using two of my favorite markers (Jacquard Tee Juice and Sakura Identi-Pen) to make more connect the dots designs...la la la la la!! These were inspired by some of my favorite free-motion quilting filler designs: stippling, zig zag meander, and door beads!

38/100: Textile Paints + Straight Lines/Grids

What the fork?!?
Just me playing with acrylic paints for fork's sake...

Can you tell how much forkin' fun I had tonight?!?!

39/100: Markers + Circles/Dots

Afternoon doodles using Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers to create segmented ring designs. Photos shown in the order they were created to see how one shape and pattern inspired subsequent doodles.

40/100: Pens + Wavy Lines/Spirals

Swirling with design ideas and making waves tonight using a black Uniball Signo pen and Sakura Gelly Roll pen.

41/100: Artist's Choice + Wavy Lines

Playing with asemic writing and Sakura Pigma Micron pens for today's mark-making on fabric. Over the summer I enrolled in Susan Purney Mark's Squiggle, Line, Dot Mark Making on-demand class. She introduced me to the concept of Asemic writing. And then recently I rewatched Deborah Boschert's episode on The Quilt Show where she demonstrated how she scribbles word-like designs onto fabric. So I decided to explore both concepts with today's wavy lines dice roll.

First I used an Orange 05 pen to journal about my day using a very rough scribbling pattern where a few letters here and there may be somewhat recognizable, but the rest is pretty undecipherable (at least I hope it is?!?)

Then I used a Black 08 pen to scribble a series of M's across in rows. This was interesting--but got even more intriguing once I rotated the fabric 90-degrees and layered on more rows of Ms (top row).

Last piece of fabric was rows of Mel layered with more perpendicular rows of Mel.

This was surprisingly very freeing to just scribble without worrying about making my letters/words recognizable! Will be revisiting this again using other mark making tools for sure!!

42/100: Artist's Choice + Triangles

Tired + Tee Juice markers + Triangles = Ta Done!
The first fabric reminded me of mod pop martini glasses and the other two were definitely inspired by quilting designs including flying geese! The Tee Juice marker dots unified all  fabrics and added fun accents!

This concludes two weeks of playing with orange as I'll be using a new color for the next 2 weeks. And my grand total of mark-making magic has yielded a little over 15 yards of fabric! I really need to start cutting into it and creating some fun new art quilts!! Thanks again for joining me on this creative journey.