100 Days of Mark Making on Fabric: Week 7

Week 7 introduced the color Yellow and yielded nearly 2 yards of mark making magic!


Stamped with ProChemical and Dye's ProFab Transparent Paint. The first is a stamp I made several years ago in a workshop with Sue Bleiweiss. We learned to cut shapes from craft foam backed with adhesive. The second is some clear packaging that I saved from the recycling bin. A foam brush was used to brush the paint onto both stamps. 

As a transparent paint, it looks very different applied onto white and black backgrounds.


Wood you look at today's mark-making magic using wooden chopsticks, tongue depressors, popsicle sticks, and acrylic paints!?! The edges were dipped into the paint and then stamped onto the fabric to create grids and all over patterns.

It was only a matter of time before I broke away from a grid and started to incorporate white paint. I especially liked having the sticks dipped into sections of white and yellow to create some sparkle in the designs!

I really enjoyed using these wooden shapes to create straight line designs. Perhaps you'll say they're Ahhhh-mazing!?!


Going loopy with loop the loop designs tonight using Jacquard Tee Juice and Tsukineko Fabrico Markers! Each of these designs was inspired by motifs taught in my Modern Free Motion Fillers & FUN! workshops


Proof that alcohol is magic!!

It was so much fun watching drops of ProChem Pro Silk & Fabric paint disperse and blend after applying rubbing alcohol.


Some PM Pattern Play! A scrap piece of paper was used to draw out a spiral, straight lines, and a grid. The white Pimatex cotton fabric was sheer enough to place on top of the marked paper to help guide the placement of the circular designs. There was quite a bit of layering of colors, shapes, and lines using an Ecoline Brush Pen and Sakura IdentiPen. The spiral was my first and absolute favorite pattern of the evening and it set the tone for the subsequent designs!


Trying to blend in with a few experiments on a rectangle gridwork marked with Marabu Art Crayons. Sharing each experiment followed by the fun resulting fabrics!

1. Fabric misted with water, grid marked, and misted again with more water causing the rectangles to bleed.

2. Dry fabric, marked grid, aloe gel brushed on to blend color into each rectangle creating crisp rectangles with lighter centers.

3. Dry fabric, mark grid, brush dipped into water and brushed along perimeter of each rectangle.

Each is very different with regards to control over the colorful pigment.


Today's project coincided with Project Quilting's Ab Intra challenge theme. I used a variety of markers and pens to make marks on sheer silk Organza. The first images are my sample piece where I experimented with many different markers and pens. This proved to be a very helpful resource and I plan on recreating using the two different Pimatex PFD Cottons I am using for most of my mark-making days.

Here you can see the markers and pens that I opted to use to mark out a large heart representing how quilt challenges utilize both sides of my brain:
  • Black Marking tools used on left side: Uniball Signo pen, Micron archival pens, Fabrico dual marker, Tee Juice marker, and a Sakura IDenti-pen.
  • Marking pens for the right side included Uniball Signo in black and silver, in addition to these amazing Pentel Hybrid Dual Metallic pens.

And here is the larger marked panel and start of the quilting. If you'd like to see the complete quilt, I encourage you to check out my previous blog post for this project.

And that concludes Week 7 of my 100 Days of Mark Making on Fabric project. So far I've produced 17+ yards of fabric in this project...can't wait to see what the next few weeks will inspire me to mark!


  1. I don’t think my marks would look nearly as good as yours. The last time I tried something like this it was a bunch of blobs. But you are always inspiring.

    1. I am certainly learning a lot from this creative journey. Some mark-making designs are more exciting than others and some just need a bit more to get there. But I try to keep in mind that I will be cutting these up so I can crop to the good sections!


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