Color Play with Fodder School 2!

You've probably noticed a shift to include more Mixed Media as part of my artistic journey. Over the past year or so, I've signed up for several mixed media classes and programs as I have learned so many new design ideas, materials, and techniques which have definitely inspired my quiltmaking! I just love the freedom and speed that comes with Mixed Media--making for more playful learning. 

After seeing and admiring quite a few social media posts referencing Fodder School, I jumped at the chance to try out the Fodder Challenge. I was so impressed with the quality of instructors and lessons that I enrolled in Fodder School 2. A little over one month into this year-long series of mixed media art classes and I am already in love with the format of having a guest teacher offer two lessons each month. The first two weeks focus on design and techniques to create fodder, while the mid-month lesson features a project to use your newly created fodder! Plus there is bonus content offered by the other instructors that pack in even more tips and tricks!

Rebecca Sower kicked it all off with color play! While I've done a fair amount of color mixing in fabric dyeing, I absolutely loved Rebecca's approach! I found it freeing, forgiving, and absolutely loved the process as much as the results. In fact, I spent 3 fun-filled afternoons playing with paints to create 3 sets of fodder...which you will see grow in both quantity as well as variety of patterns achieved. 

What may look simple and/or messy at first yielded all these glorious prints...28 in total!

We've been experiencing some rainy, dreary weather here in San Jose, which is the perfect excuse to play with splashes of color in my studio for Round 2. 

This session yielded 73 prints with lots of exciting prints and colors!

A few packages arrived adding to my color-filled afternoon including a complete set of Posca paint markers and this 3-D Mini Colour Globe which was a gift from a dear friend!  

Do you think I've experienced enough color? Heck no...I want and need more, more, more COLOR!!

Round 3 came after the October lesson launch with Drew Steinbrecher. I love Drew's style and always learn something new from his online classes and demos! This most recent session was an opportunity to build upon my previous color studies while incorporating tips and tricks from Drew. 

A few new colors were added to the mix in addition to the use of tissue paper and deli paper!   

Can you tell how much fun I am having as this particular session yielded a whopping 96 prints!!

I especially loved incorporating the use of the masks I made during the Drew's demo during the New Year's eve 2022 Artist Meetup Marathon! As these were many of my favorite prints, I'm already thinking about cutting out some new masks to use with future printing session as I am totally hooked on these color play studies!

If you are looking for a bit of creative play, there is still time to join Fodder School 1 and/or 2!


  1. I see someone creating a line of fabrics soon.

    1. While I am printing mostly on paper, I am definitely looking to make my mark on fabric for use in my quilts. These prints definitely speak to me for future quilt designs. Oh the printed possibilities!!


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