Modern Mandalas: Hot Pink Prototype

It should be no secret that I am fascinated with mandala designs.  My mandala madness first began with free motion quilted mandalas for Project Quilting (Mystical Mandala & Crayon Etched Mandala) followed by some Mini Mandalas.  Then I experimented with some fusible appliqued mandalas for my Cherrywood Lion King Challenge entry, Circle of Life.  

And now, I unveil my newest mandala design:  Modern Mandalas!!!  Below is "Hot Pink Prototype," my first attempt at piecing a modern mandala.  I just love how the strips of solid black and the zebra print sparkle against the hot pink background!
Hot Pink Prototype, 29"x29"
A variety of looping designs were densely free-motion quilted into the hot pink background, adding contrast and loft to the pieced design.  
Detail of Quilting
For my quilt back, I found a half yard cut of this super fun zebra print and a large floral to match.
Yikes...More Zebra Stripes!
I am really in love with these new Modern Mandalas and hope you are there may just be a few more Modern Mandala quilt designs on the near horizon!
In Love with Modern Mandalas


  1. Replies
    1. It is very pink...which just helps the pieced strips pop and sparkle!! I am so glad you like!

  2. Your combination of fabrics is fantabulous! And your quilting is superior!!

    1. Thanks Barbara...the fabrics were all from my stash as I wasn't 100% sure of the design. I really had fun stitching all the loop de loop designs...very zen!

  3. Amazing how the black fabric emphasizes certain parts and the stripe de-emphasizes. Well done!

    1. Thanks was really fun watching the mandala design bloom as each strip was inserted. For me, the black and white print adds a lot of sparkle & movement to the design!


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