Art After Dark: Magnets

One of my local libraries hosts a monthly, adult-only "Art After Dark" program.  Each month features a fun new crafty project:  fruit sushi, scratched mandala art, terrariums, painted wine glasses and Christmas gifts on a budget.

January's project was charms & magnets.  The library staff provided all the supplies to make these adorable charms.  Participants had the option of bringing their own images or use those provided by the staff.  I found some darling pictures of Panda (top), Susie Q (right), my mother's dog Parsley (left) and one of my quilts-Always Follow Your Heart.  In less than an hour I whipped up these four, fun and adorable magnets...
Art After Dark Magnets
Pet Projects
I had so much fun making these magnets that I ran out a day later and picked up my own supplies to continue the fun at home.

First up was making more magnets of family pets:
Top--Parsley for my mother
2nd Row-Morgan (Susie Q and Panda's morning walking buddy)
3rd-Helix for my brother
4th-Panda & Susie Q for me
Bottom-Lego Minifigure for the AFOL (Adult Fan of Legos) in my life...Doug.

With all the furkiddos done, it was time to commemorate some of my own fiber art.  Here are several images of my favorite quilts turned into magnets.
Mini Quilt Magnets
I also used a few images of my hand dyed fabrics which look like little jewels.  In fact, this set of magnets gave me the idea of purchasing some pin backs to turn them into jewelry.
Hand Dyed Beauties
I've given away several of these personalized magnets as thank you gifts to family, friends and colleagues who have supported my journey as a fiber artist.  It's been fun watching on as the magnets are chosen--as sometimes the person is immediately attracted to a particular image and in some cases, multiple images!  Soon it will be time to make some more to have on hand for future teaching engagements and get togethers!  


  1. These are great refrigerator magnets.

    1. They are super cute fridge magnets...and I will be sure to save you one for your fridge!!

  2. wow. how do you make these? are they a kit? or do you pour resin? fantastic idea with fabric and photos.

    1. I don't know if I can reveal my magic tricks!?! Maybe if you are lucky I send you a few details/tricks via email... ;-)


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