Project Quilting 9.2: Triangulation

This week's Project Quilting 1-Week Quilt Challenge Theme was Triangulation.  Many traditional quilt patterns feature triangles, especially Half Square Triangles and Flying Geese.  There was certainly a lot of inspiration available--almost too much which can be intimidating when you are trying to add a unique twist to your design.

My first priority was to determine what "Unconventional Materials" I would incorporate into this second Project Quilting Challenge.  While running some errands, I visited our local TAP Plastics store, which is packed with everything and anything made out of plastic (acryllic plastic sheets, business card holders, bottles, display cases and much, much more!  There I discovered this fabulous Holographic Films that comes in several design options:  Crystals, Mosaic and Sparkles.  I purchased some 1-foot swatches to take home and experiment.  I was surprised and excited that this material was:

  • Fairly inexpensive (pricing posted below)
  • Very easy to cut using my rotary cutter
  • Fairly easy to stitch through with my Juki sewing machine (even when layered with fabrics--although I will definitely need to replace the needle on my machine after this project)
  • Able to be used with a hot dry iron.  At first I just tapped my dry iron to the front worried that it would melt immediately.  I was able to apply the iron directly to the glittery side for 5-10 seconds without any issue.  There was a waxy coat on the back side that would transfer a little onto my iron but did not cause any damage to either the film, my iron or ironing board--so I just avoided pressing from the back.

Bling Factor
Now that I had chosen my Unconventional Material--it was time to hunt for accompanying fabrics.  Let's just say that I went down lots and lots of rabbit holes, and left a wake of fabric pulls all over my poor studio.  I really loved this one hot/cold wavy print (top right pic below) and even cut out several smaller equilateral triangles but feared it would compete with the holographic films and continued my search (but will definitely revisit these triangles when I have more time to play!)  After several more rabbit holes, I uncovered this one large-scale batik print and was immediately excited about the design possibilities!!  Accompanying commercial batiks, prints, Kona solids and hand dyes were all added to the initial mix.
Narrowing Down the Fabric Pull
As of Friday afternoon, I still hadn't decided on my quilt's design, so I started by cutting out a few 12" equilateral triangles from my palette and added a couple of orphan triangle spiral blocks to the mix...and auditioned lots of different layouts.  Most were immediately scrapped before I took a picture.  By Saturday morning, I was still unsure of a design and was starting to grow more concerned that I might have to pass on this week's challenge.
Possible Layout Ideas
Just as panic was about to set in, the idea of a Zig Zag flashed in my mind.  A few auditions included the order of the triangle print, using my own hand-dyed fabrics vs. a commercial batik and inserting skinny strips of the holographic Sparkles for contrast and more bling!  Thankfully the construction was relatively simple, thanks to a little consideration of pressing direction so the holographic film would lay relatively flat given the extra bulk.
Zig Zag Auditions
A layer of Holographic crystals was layered under the triangle batik prior to the piecing/quilting in preparation for a fun Mod Mola reveal.  The cutwork was surprisingly easy thanks to the difference in density of the Holographic film hidden below.  I didn't have to worry as much about perforating through with my seam ripper or Havel Thread Snips!
Before and After the Cutwork
A Zig Zag quilt design calls for my favorite Zig Zag Meander and some triangle spirals using matching Aurifil Threads:

  • French Lilac (#3840)
  • Medium Lavendar (#2540)
  • Medium Purple (#2545) 
  • Delft Blue (#2730)
Aurifil Threads and Details of Quilting
"Bling on the Big 4-0" finishes 38" x 44"
My quilt title was inspired by these fun facts:
  • The holographic films add some great Bling Factor
  • There are exactly 40 cuts of fabric & holographic film pieced into the quilt top
  • It is approximately 40" wide and long which makes it my biggest Project Quilting entry yet
  • I managed to finish it before the PQ deadline which also coincides with my 40th Birthday!
Help me celebrate by participating in the Online Voting.  Check out all the amazing entries and vote for your favorites on or before voting closes late on Friday February 2nd .  Hint Hint--check out #114.  

Be sure to also check out entry #39 "Ship Happens" made by my brother Mark.  Not only is it his first time participating in Project Quilting, but it's his first quilt and is his own original design--and pretty darn spectacular with 3-D elements!!


  1. Your design, palette and innovative materials are beautiful! I like how you do good work when pushed by the clock:) Well done and documented. Happy 4-O

    1. Thank you! I am having a lot of fun incorporating unconventional materials into this series of quilt challenges and learning so much along the way. Yes--I seem to thrive under the pressure of a deadline but will strive to get started a bit earlier on the next challenge!!

  2. I love reading your process for creating this! I also think it’s cool that you do so much with unconventional items. Congratulations on the big 40! I hope you had an amazing day!

    1. Thank you Amy. Incorporating unconventional materials is my own personal challenge for this year of Project Quilting. I am learning so much as a result and enjoying adding unexpected embellishments into my work. Thank you for the birthday cheer--it was a great day as I've been checking out all the amazing entries!!

  3. Wow. What a fabulous "fabric" find. It worked out very well and I'm sure will be incorporated into your classes soon. What fun you have. Congratulations on another finish.

    1. I was like a moth drawn to a flame when I saw the holographic films at TAP plastic and so happy to see how easy it was to stitch into/through!! It will definitely become part of my quilting stash and may just be sprinkled into future classes!!

  4. The holographic paper adds such a fun effect! Love that you're trying different materials!

    1. Thanks Kim--I thought you might appreciate the holographic paper--I highly recommend giving it a try for some sparkle or bling!! Can't wait to see what fun material is inspired by the next challenge theme!!

  5. How fun! I'm eagerly waiting to see what you'll come up with next!

    1. Thanks Vicki. I too am looking forward to the next challenge theme and brainstorming the next unconventional material to incorporate into my entry!! Stay tuned!


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