Quilt Designing Fun with EQ and Fandangle!

This past Monday, Christa Watson presented her Modern Quilting Lecture and Trunk Show at our monthly Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association meeting.  She brought several of her quilts with her as well as her books, patterns and precuts from both her Modern Marks and Fandangle fabric collections with Bernartex.

Inspired by her visit, I thought it would be fun to participate in Electric Quilt's Quilt Design Challenge with Christa Watson as a fun way of playing with her Fandangle fabrics.  The rules for participation were pretty simple:  Use any Electric Quilt software (EQ8, EQ7, EQStitch or EQ Mini) and Christa's Fandangle fabric collection (with the option of using 2 other solid colors) to design a quilt that is up to 90" on any side.  EQ provided a free fabric download to import the collection into Electric Quilt.  Zero sewing required!!

What I love about using Electric Quilt is the opportunity to explore new designs and color combinations, without having to cut into any of your precious fabrics and/or sew a single stitch!!  Good thing too as I must have designed well over 100 quilt designs and colorways.  Here are just a few of my favorites design variations showcasing Christa's fun prints.

This first collection is using my Stack, Slice, Shuffle & Insert improvisational technique (previous variations include Peace by Piece, Sealed with a Kiss and Slice of Pi).   Each of the surrounding blocks features an improvisationally pieced F (for Fandangle) with a four focal blocks inspired by Christa's Triangle Trinkets prints.  With just a click of my mouse, I could use EQ's fabric tools to play around with different fabric palettes and even create new shapes where fabrics touched one another.

Next I explored design variations based on my Zig Zag Zorg improv quilt.  One improvised block yields lots of design combinations...I finally stopped after it was 1 AM and I had almost 40 variations!!

This last set of designs is based on my Free Styling & Spiraling spirangle series.  I really liked how the last design created a 3-dimensional effect, but saw that other entries had a similar idea.

Only one design is permitted, so I opted to enter this crib sized triadic take on Stack, Slice, Shuffle & Insert quilt.

Online entries are due 8/31 and the winning designs will be announced next week.  Each winner will receive all the fabric they need to create their quilt top!  In the meantime, check out all the fun design submissions featuring Christa Watson's Fandangle fabric collection!!


  1. Thanks for entering! It's been so fun to see all of the designs!

    1. Thanks for hosting this fun design challenge...it has been fun playing with your Fandangle fabric collection to design a variety of quilt designs!!

  2. Mel, congrats! I really like how you used both the warm and the cool color palettes and how you included the element from the fabric in a larger scale.

    1. Thanks Paige...I went through lots and lots of color changes...all warm, all cool--and lots of others too. Such a fun challenge!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Navy Blue!! I had so much fun playing with the fabric swatches in EQ8 and super excited to receive the fabric so I can create the actual quilt!!


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