More Slice of Improv Fun with Flying Needles' Quilters Guild

Mall Madness

Oh the places you go as a traveling quilt teacher.  The last workshop I taught was held in an animal shelter, and this time I was in a mall!  The Flying Needles' Quilters Guild conduct all their meetings and workshops in the Woodland County Fair Mall.  It is actually a really wonderful set up: a large store front for use with guild meetings and workshops, an equally large back storage area for guild supplies and plenty of parking available for members! 

Thursday evening, I presented my Challenge Yourself! lecture/trunk show and there was plenty of room to spread the quilts out between all the members.  I couldn't resist taking the picture above or of the quilty tilework found throughout the mall. 
Quilt Inspiration at Your Feet

Back to the mall the next day for a Slice of Improv workshop. 
Storefront Workshop

What fun to see how everyone truly embraced improvisational piecing and added a slice of themselves into the mix...
Wool Wonders

Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

Radient Gradations

Perfectly Plaid

More Improvisational FUN!!

Slice of Improv & FUN with the Flying Needles' Quilters!!

Many thanks to Roberta, Sherry, Lana and the entire Flying Needles' Quilters Guild for a super fun two days!!  Hard to believe that this marks my culmination of teaching engagements for 2018!  As much as I love traveling and teaching, I am looking forward to taking the month of December off to wrap up some UFOs, reorganize, recharge, and gear up for another great year of teaching that kicks off in January!!


  1. If you teach long enough on the quilting highway….perhaps you’ll be as stunned as I was to find myself teaching in a funeral home!

    1. Oh my! That would be quite the venue! One of my workshops did coincide with a funeral/memorial...but it was held at a community center, not a funeral home!

  2. It's such fun to see how enthusiastically your students embrace improv. And then you always notice the most interesting aspects of your surroundings. I hope next year is as exciting for you.

    1. I always enjoy arriving a extra early as it gives me some time to explore and take pictures. So glad you enjoy. This group really embraced improv...and create a fun range of projects. Already looking forward to more teaching adventures in 2019!!


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