San Fernando Valley Quilt Guild Slice of Improv

Slice of Improv Workshop at a Local Animal Shelter

Two of professional worlds (animal rescue and quilt teaching) collided while teaching Slice of Improv for the San Fernando Valley Quilt Association.  The workshop was held at the West Valley Animal Shelter.  We used their community room, which was used for emergency rescue the day before in response to the nearby wildfires.  I had a chance to visit some of the kitties during the lunch break!

Slice of Improv is always a fun workshop to teach.  First there was a fun mix of quilting experience all around the workshop.  Several of the quilters already embraced improvisational piecing, while others were trying it out for the very first time.  Second is the fun mix of blocks created.  This workshop is basically a "choose your own adventure" where everyone and pick and choose which techniques they want to explore!

So without further ado--let's check out all their fabulous improv play!!
Kathy Pieced Her Name and Made More K's Using Stack, Whack & Shuffle!

Colorful Striped Fabric Provided Inspiration for Color and Potential Layouts!

Fearless Improvisational Piecing

Slice of Improv Fun!!

Luckily the smoke from the wildfires cleared in time for a glorious morning at the Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens--special thanks to my fabulous host, Snowdy!  We first experienced the soundscape within the Orbit Pavilion, and upon exiting, observed two visitors engaged in some interpretive dance (not sure if that was planned or improvisational--but made for an interesting visit!)
The Orbit

Historical Quilts on Display and Drawing Quilt Inspiration from Kenneth Noland's Par Transit Art Installation
Historical Artifacts:  Yarn Rack, Mirrored Sconce, and Scrimshaw Busk Made out of Whalebone

Tranquility Within the Chinese Gardens

Eastern Tradition and Textures

Japanese Gardens and Inspiration

Botanical Beauties

Later that evening was the guild meeting complete with lots of show and tell!
Many of the Workshop Attendees Showed Off Their Fabulous Colletion of Improv Pieced Blocks!

As a bonus treat, several SFVQA members are members of Valley Quiltmakers Guild, and brought their finished Interleave quilts to share!  What fun for me to see so many happy finishes!!
Completed Interleave Quilts from September Workshop

Many thanks Snowdy, Kim, and the entire San Fernando Valley Quilt Association for a wonderful visit!!


  1. You inspire your students. Always such happy and fabulous results. How fun that an earlier group came to show their results at your next guild meeting.
    Great photos of your trips, too.

    1. Thanks Ann...I just plant the seeds, and love seeing how each quilter blossoms over the course of the day!! It is always a treat to see finished projects from a previous workshop--makes my day!!


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