100 Days of Dice Doodles: Week 7 Update

Time for another week's worth of Dice Doodles...taking me into the second half of my 100 Day Project!!


Catching up with friends inspired me to recreate a stitched friendship bracelet as my daily doodle. Luckily I had a beautiful friendship bracelet made by my talented cousin to use as a design guide. It took a bit of planning to create the first zig zag of oval shapes, but the subsequent rows were meditative to stitch with some ebbs and flows as I traveled down along the design.  These were 4 cones of threads I purchased at Road to California, which really played beautifully together!!
"Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life."
-Amy Poehler, American actress, comedian, writer, and director


My little Panda's arthritis flared up this weekend, making it painful for her to jump up into bed or back inside from the backyard. While we've been able to see her vet for a check up and pain relief, she still associates the back door and climbing up into bed with pain. As a result she has developed a strong fear response with these spaces. Thankfully, today she started to overcome these fears thanks to positive training, treats simple accommodations, and lots of TLC! 

Thanks for all the well wishes via Instagram: Within just a few days, she was back to neighborhood walks, getting up onto the furniture, entering through the backdoor (with just a brief pause), and play with her sisters!!


My mother makes the best strawberry jam that makes for a great topping to chocolate chip waffles! I had fun capturing the textures of this breakfast pairing!!


Wanna know what made me happy today?!? It definitely wasn't doing laundry! Many of you have seen my studio tour (video linked here) and notice how everything has a place. Well the reality is that there is almost always a laundry basket tucked out of sight containing random stuff that never seems to have a place. Well, today I tackled that laundry basket and found a home for all that random stuff!! Although there may be another basket lurking in the guest room...🤫
"When we clear the physical clutter from our lives, we literally make way for inspiration and 'good, orderly direction' to enter. "--Julia Cameron, American teacher, author, artist, poet, playwright, novelist, filmmaker, pigeon fancier, composer, and journalist.


Temperature reached 104 degrees here in San Jose and higher across California, with a continued Excessive Heat Warning continuing through tomorrow. I found myself singing "Heat Wave" performed by Martha and the Vandellas and written by Edward Jr. Holland/Lamont Dozier/Brian Holland:
"Sometimes I stare in space
Tears all over my face
I can't explain it, don't understand it
I ain't never felt like this before
Now that funny feeling has me amazed
Don't know what to do, my head's in a haze
It's like a heat wave"
And I'll blame my little stitched goof on this excessive heat...


Thankful for unrolling and stepping into my mat today for some much needed yoga. A little Warrior 2 left me feeling strong, focused, and ready to tackle the afternoon!
"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish." -Michelle Obama, Former First Lady of the United States, Attorney, and Author


A glorious day of quilting on my Gammill longarm machine (blacklights turned on for increased visibility of my stitching and to create a party atmostphere) inspired today's text and doodle!! 

It's hard to believe I am already past the halfway point in my 100 Days of Dice Doodles!! It's been fun to see all those empty squares fill in with stitched textures, patterns, and messages! Can't wait to see what the second half of this project will inspire me to quilt?!?


  1. Congratulations on reaching the midpoint of this series. It's a treat every week to see what you've accomplished.

    1. Thanks Ann...time sure flies when you are having fun! This has been a really interesting series that continues to introduce me to all new design possibilities!!


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