100 Days of Mark Making on Fabric: Week 5

Eeek! I am having so much fun with these daily mark-making sessions that I fell a wee bit behind in my weekly blog posts. Week 5 introduced the color orange, yielded 2.5 yards of design experiments, and a quilt finish!

29/100: Dye-Na-Flow + Artist's Choice

This was a perfect day for more faux dyeing using Dye-Na-Flow! Today's experiments involved applying 2 color groupings onto dry PFD fabric squares:

Magenta, Salmon & Sun Yellow:

Brilliant Red, Salmon & Sun Yellow:

I tried spritzing a few of the squares with rubbing alcohol or water, but didn't notice any significant differences. Accordion-folded stripes continue to be my favorite!! And thankfully no scary clown faces emerged in these colorful Rorschach ink blots--although perhaps you recognize other patterns?!?

30/100: Textile Paints + Wavy Lines & Spirals

Thank goodness for alcohol...rubbing alcohol that is! Recently Betty Busby posted a demo video involving rubbing alcohol and PRO Silk & Fabric paints by Pro Chemical & Dye Her technique was soooo cool that I couldn't wait to give it a try. Instead of rings, I alternated applying thin wavy lines of alcohol followed by the paints in Cherry, Orange Jubilee, Buttercup, and Sunshine. What fun to watch the paints disperse and blend, and I absolutely love the finished fabrics!!

Patiently waiting for fabrics to dry...

Finished and dried fabrics!

31/100: Textile Paints + Quadrilaterals

While The Quilt Show's website was being renovated, they posted a temporary site which made Deborah Boschert's episode available for watching. One of her demos involved printing with acrylic paint and toilet paper tubes and I couldn't wait to play!

I folded my toilet paper tubes into a square and rectangle although both retained some rounded sides. It was very meditative to stamp and print over and over to create grid and floral designs.

32/100: Markers + Straight Lines/Grids

While attending my small quilt group meeting via Zoom, I gathered some orange markers (Jacquard Tee Juice and Sakura Identi-Pen) and began to play with straight line/grid designs. Below you can see the order of designs and hopefully see how each design informed the next (starting with top left going clockwise):
  • Straight lines with Tee Juice stamped beads.
  • All over straight lines
  • All over straight lines with some of the shapes filled in with parallel lines, spirangles, and grids.
  • A gridded design filled in with more gridded designs
  • Clusters of hash marks of various sizes and colors
  • Colorful hash marks layered to create plaids/tartans 

Sometimes the hardest part is simply getting started! Once you do, new designs will start to emerge and flow into new design possibilities!

33/100: Pens & Triangles

A trio of late-night triangle doodles using two of my favorite pens: Uniball Signo black pen and Sakura Gelly Roll in orange. I love combining angular designs with curvy/wavy patterns! 

34/100: Watercolor Crayons + Straight Lines/Grids

Such fun blurring the lines of these grids and hashtags marked using:

🧡 Marabu Art Crayons
They glide on so smoothly, blend with water (left photo and top row), and really retain their color once dry (bottom row)

🧡 Derwent Inktense Blocks
They flow a little but really retain their color and patterning!

🧡 Stabilo Woody 3 in 1 Multi-talented pencils
Water really helped to blur the hashtag marks although I was surprised how much the colors faded once dry (right photos below). I am still refining how much color to apply and tend to go lighter with these pencils.

35/100: No Dice Roll = Artist's Choice

Instead of rolling the dice, today's mark-making fun turned into "Midnight Mark-Making Magic," an 18" x 18" finished wholecloth crazy quilt for Project Quilting's 12.5 "You're Crazy" 1-Week Quilt Challenge

You can read more about this quilt in my previous blog post but in a nutshell, I used a variety of black pens and markers to fill in a "patchwork" of patterns prior to layering with batting and a backing for quilting.

This project combined my love of mark making with free-motion quilting for a truly fun finish!

These past 5 weeks have yielded 190 squares measuring 10" x 10", for more than 13 yards of mark-making magic!!