November HeARTs Giving: Wrap Up and Celebration

During the month of November, I set out to embellish one heART each day. Instead a total of 75 heARTs above were embellished! I've been meaning to share a few reflections from this creative journey...
  • This project was all about upcycling and using what I already had on hand. It started with this stack of quilt sandwiches that were transformed into the quilted hearts. I especially enjoyed looking around my studio and rediscovering some of the many materials and notions that I've been gathering over the years: sequins, sheer fabrics, beads, pens, paints, Power Shine Glitter, rainbow rick rack, and embroidery threads. This was the perfect opportunity to experiment and play!
  • November was a particularly challenging month for me and this project helped get me into the studio for a bit of daily creative play. Some days I just barely managed to embellish one heART while other days these sessions helped me end the day on a more positive note.
  • Embellished heARTs were distributed as part of the I Found a Quilted Heart Project at the county fairgrounds during a Covid vaccination clinic, local parks, and libraries. It was a challenge to find spots to hide the heARTs while also managing to be discreet. Oftentimes I would arrive at a library or park to find it well utilized by community members and families and so I had to seek out other hiding spaces. Many thanks to my friends who assisted by taking a few heARTs to hide at their community libraries and parks. 
  • I've been following I Found a Quilted Heart Project for a few years and absolutely love reading the stories of those who find hearts. Unfortunately only one of my heARTs was logged on the I Found a Quilted Heart website map and to date I have not seen any of them posted with #IFAQH on Instagram or Facebook. I remind myself that these actions are not required and hope they have brought joy to those who found them.
  • As I returned to hide more heARTs, I would sometimes find unclaimed heARTs. These heARTS were briefly reclaimed for me to retag and release in a new location. The three untagged heARTS below were left out during several heavy rainstorms. I was pleasantly surprised by how well they held up to the inclement weather. 

The only aftermath was a faint bit of yellow bleeding from the orange tags that can be visible just below the tags in the photos below.

The bleeding was a little more noticeable on the mostly white reverse side. Otherwise, I was pleasantly surprised by how the inclement weather had very little impact on the heARTs as I sent them back out into the world.

You can catch up on all the blog posts and weekly updates related to this creative journey below:
Many thanks to everyone who joined me on this creative journey:
  • Those who played along by creating one or more heARTs
  • Those who helped hide heARTs for me
  • And all those who provided encouragement via social media
Stay tuned for what creative adventures await me in 2022!


  1. Thank you for sharing all of your work. I really appreciate it. I love it all.
    I have so many pieces of practice quilting and I hate waste. This is a great way to reuse/recycle. Thank you!

    1. Yay! I can't wait to see what you create with all your practice sandwiches! It's been a really fun project making use of what I have on hand in my studio--including all those quilt sandwiches. I can't wait to see what you create and hope you will share via social media or email.


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