Rainbow Hex Code

One Less UFO

My quest to eradicate my pile of UFO projects continues!  This particular project is one of my older UFOs, started in January 2013.  I took an English Paper Piecing workshop at my local quilt shop as part of my 2013 New Year's Resolutions.  That day I completed my first set of english paper pieced hexies turned into a english paper pieced daisy prototype with no real design plan in mind.
My English Paper Piecing Prototype

Without a real game plan, I just kept assembling more and more hexie sets.  By the end of the year I had assembled a whopping 7 rainbow sets.  Fast forward to June 2015, I was traveling to Florida to visit my mother and brother, and needed a needed a portable project.  I made great progress while waiting for my flights and/or on the beautiful Sarasota beaches!
Hexies Replicating

More progress was made during my recent Florida visit this past December.  Prior to my trip, I auditioned black fabrics to cut out background squares for my hexie collection. Elmer's school glue was used to baste each hexie set into place prior to hand applique.
Auditioning Fabrics and Hand Applique onto Blocks

Once all the blocks were hand appliqued, I carefully removed the background fabric, paper templates and basting stitches.
Block Party

Each block was then trimmed down to a slightly smaller size.  Blue painter's tape was used to mark my rotary ruler and create a placement guide to help me center each daisy.  
Blue Painter's Tape to the Rescue with Trimming

As I laid out my blocks, I envisioned sashing strips in between each block.  Several different fabrics ranging from rainbows to black and white stripes (including several zebra prints) were auditioned.  Lots of possibilities but more pressing deadlines were looming, so this project was put onto the back burner once again.
Sashing Strips Auditions

Taking some extra time definitely worked in my favor.  During my teaching travels, I found this amazing rainbow ombre fabric by Timeless Treasures that gradiates selvedge to selvedge.  I was able to fussy cut it to create a gradiant across my quilt top, filled in with a cute black and white daisy print.
Perfect Timing = Perfect Fabric

I also found another Timeless Treasures brightly colored lightning print in my stash that made for the perfect border fabric.
Lightning Strikes Twice!

As I pin baste my quilt tops, I am usually mulling over possible quilting motifs.
Pin Basting and Quilting Plans

When it comes to quilting, I find it easier to break the quilt top into different spaces and start with the easiest first.  In this case, I completed all my stitching in the ditch using Aurifil 50 weight in Black (#2692).  Then I used the same thread to free-motion quilt kite tails along each sashing strip with a daisy flower in each cornerstone (difficult to see in the photographs).  Kite tails may look tricky to quilt, but they are just an angular variation on figure-eights/wishbone, and once you get started, you will discover there is a meditative rhythm to this motif.

Next up was tackling the hexie flowers.  Given the changes in colorful hexies, I opted to use Aurifil's Clear Monofilament thread on top and Aluminum (#2615) 50 weight in the bobbin to outline each hexie and then stitch in some large spirals into each hexie.  The monofilament thread stitched beautifully and I experienced zero thread breaks!!  Zig Zag Meander was stitched into the background of each square using Black (#2692).  Stitching black thread on black fabric is hard on my eyes, so for the lightning borders, I opted to use Aurifil 50 weight Marrakesh (#3817), which alternates turquoise, red, yellow and green, with Grey (#2605) in the bobbin. 
Time for Some Quilted Texture

Binding this quilt with the same rainbow ombre fabric made for a fun finish!!
Rainbow Binding

Are you sick of rainbows yet?  Because I found this fabulous Alexander Henry "rainbow" print from their 2007 collection for the quilt back.  It wasn't large enough, so I framed it with some black and white daisies!
More Rainbows on the Quilt Back

Another UFO is Ta--Done!!!
Rainbow Hex Code, Finishes 50" x 50"

I began the new year with 20 UFOs.  My goal was to complete one UFO each month.  As of today, I have:

  • Finished 6 UFO projects
  • Donated 1 UFO quilt top (with backing and binding to Philanthropy)
  • And made significant progress on 5 more UFO projects!!
I hope this momentum continues for the next few months!!

You Know What Else is Black & White and Super Bright?  Me!  Panda!

I Can't Wait to MOOOOOve Onto the Next UFO!


  1. Very clever use of the ombré fabric ends in a great looking hexagon quilt.

    1. Thanks Andrea. This may be my all new favorite ombre as it just glows with brilliant color!! Amazing how my momentum picked up once I found this ombre. I couldn't finish it soon enough!!

  2. I'm so glad you waited. That ombre sashing is fabulous. I love your quilting design choices. Super finish. Congratulations.

    1. I am too!! That ombre stashing is so perfect...and as always I had lots of fun adding quilted texture!! I hope to start a new EPP project soon!

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  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Lynne! Taking my sweet time seemed to work in my favor to find just the right fabics to help this quilt sing!!


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