2019 New Year's Goals and Resolutions

Eeeek!  I am 5 days late in sharing my New Year's Resolutions for 2019.  Having quilt-related new year's resolutions stretches me creatively and professionally, plus sharing it with y'all helps me stay accountable!

Believe it or not, but my goal setting process started two months ago!  And then I started to reflect on all my 2018 progress and highlights, and panic started to set in as I wondered: How can I possibly top this year?!? 

Well, here goes nothing...

1. Prioritize Work/Life Balance
This means more time in the studio, focus on self-care, and recognizing my limits.

2. Mix It Up
Having more studio times will hopefully mean more creative play, using precious fabrics, adding layers of interest, working in the abstract, and less focus on deadline driven work.

3. Expand My Teaching Reach
Connect with more quilters through larger, multi-day venues, publication opportunities, and other media channels. I can't wait to share more detail about several projects already in the works!!

4. Launch New Content
I am putting the finishing touches on several exciting new lectures and workshops that will debut in the next few months. Next, I will be looking to update my blog and develop new digital content!

5. Develop Product Line
I am often asked whether my quilts, hand-dyed fabrics, or favorite tools are available for purchase--and I want to start saying YES!! I'd love to know what do you want to see in my shop?!?
Cheers to a creative-filled year ahead!!


  1. Great Goals. Looking forward to seeing you at Craft Napa!

    1. Thanks Maria--I am excited for another great year of quilting & teaching. I am looking forward to catching up at Craft Napa!!

  2. Yes, great goals. Well-stated.

    1. There were multiple drafts leading up to the final 5--along with lots of fun planning and strategizing!! Should make for a fun and creative-filled year!


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