2018 New Year's Resolutions Report

Back in January 2018, I set out an ambitious list of New Year's Resolutions.  Over the year, I have revisited this list to track my progress, and I am excited to share my results from the year...

1.  Teach and Inspire

I am honored to have been invited to teach for 20 different guilds, in addition to 2 local quilt shops for a whopping 18 lectures and 24 workshops this year!! Here are just a few of the amazing quilters I've met in my travels this year...
These Smiles Motivate Me to Keep Teaching and Inspiring!

Several new workshops were launched including Magnificent Mandalas, Pebble & Play!, and Free Styling & Spiraling.  Pebble & Play! is one of my new favorite workshops as I just love seeing quilters overcome their fears and embrace free-motion quilting!!  I also led a series of Pixel Perfect Photography demos for my guild's Summer Camp program.  

Over the past three years, I have had some amazing mentors who were invaluable as I started my quilt teaching business.  This year, I paid it forward by sharing my own teaching experiences with quilters starting out on the teaching circuit.  In January, I shared my experiences on a Teacher's Panel for the NorCal/NV Regional SAQA meeting, and went on to present a Road Map for Teaching webinar for MQG members.  I also wrote an article about Meet the Teacher programs for Craft Instrustry Alliance members.

2.  Create more meaningful quilts
Quiltmaking with Intention

This year, I strived to be more intentional in my quiltmaking (top to bottom):

  • Two donations were made to my guild's Community Quilts:  a small flannel blanket, and a large quilt top complete with pieced back and binding.  I know both quilts will find their way to a good home and make someone happier and warmer!
  • This was the year I put on my big girl pants and submitted quilts to Houston Quilt Festival, and was delighted to learn that Spinning Stars and Orange You Glad I Got the Blues? were accepted into this prestigious show!  
  • As I work on a quilt, I am always thinking of ways that I can incorporate it into my teaching.  Perhaps it is using the techniques I already teach, thereby becoming a new workshop sample to inspire quilters enrolled in my workshops such as Sealed with a Kiss or Greek Chic?  Or it might turn into a brand new workshop as is the case with my Unconventional Materials series of Project Quilting entries.
  • Last but not least is using my quiltmaking to tell a story and/or raise awareness about our world, such as the impact on single use plastics on our marine ecosystem through my Under the Sea Debris quilt.  
3.  Be More Intentional with My Online Presence and Use of Social Media
In addition to traveling to guilds and shops, I have enjoyed staying connected by sharing my quilting passion online through my monthly newsletter, my blog, facebook, and instagram. My efforts seem to be paying off as my newsletter has more than doubled in distribution over the past year, and I've seen similar growth in social media followers as well!  I recently shared my Best of 2018 showcasing my top 5 blog posts based on number of views--and was delighted to hit new viewing records this year.  So thank you for all your virtual support and camaraderie! 

I continue to be mindful of how much time I spend mindlessly surfing vs. creating original content to share.  While I am still prone to slip and fall down the rabbit hole, I try to catch myself and channel that time and energy into something more productive!!

4.  UFO Management
My year started out with 20+ UnFinished Objects (UFOs) and I was determined to reduce that number heading into 2019!  My first strategy was to complete 6 UFOs, figuring one every other month was a manageable number.  Not only did I manage to meet this goal, but I finished a whopping 9 UFOs (150% of my goal!!)  More than half of these finishes were started several years ago, and I am just delighted to have seen them full circle!!

Ta Done!!

Another UFO quilt top was donated to my guild's Community Quilts, complete with a pieced backing and prepared binding, to be quilted and donated to a good home.  Last but not least, I aspired to add 4 or less newly started projects to my 2019 list of UFOs, and much to my surprise, I will only be adding 3 projects to the list (two of which were started in November and December!)

5.  Invest in My Own Creative Development

Setting 5 New Year's Resolutions began as a commitment to my own artistic development.  Despite a busy teaching schedule, I set aside time for me to play and grow, including (starting top left, clockwise):
Creative Development Highlights

In my next blog post, I will wrap up the new year by sharing a few other quilt adventure highlights from 2018!