Highlights from 2018

Earlier this week, I shared my Best of 2018 blog posts and progress on my 2018 New Year's Resolutions.  Today, I will share a few more highlights from 2018...

Quilts! Quilts! and More Quilts!!

This year included 75 quilt finishes (yikes!!):

  • 9 UFO finishes
  • 12 made for Quilt Challenges
  • And lots of finished samples for my workshops

Several of my quilt challenge entries went on to win honors and awards (top left clockwise):

My quilts were entered into a number of juried quilt shows and exhibits, including:

Here are just a few more quilting highlights:
Professional/Business Development
Behind the scenes, I worked hard to grow my quilt teaching business.  As a business owner, I wear many different hats on any given day and strive to stay organized and efficient with my time.  After attending a Bullet Journaling program at my local library, I started my own BuJo, which has been invaluable in tracking daily/weekly priorities and tasks.  I also completed Lisa Congdon's Worksflow, Time Management and Productivity for Creatives online course which has greatly helped me better track my projects and plan my time to meet deadlines.  Additionally, I read two art business books that provided a wealth of information:  Lisa Congdon's Art, Inc book and Alyson Stanfield's I'd Rather Be In the Studio.

Phew!  Each year I wonder: how can I ever top this year?  2018 was an incredible year full of amazing opportunities that came my way, as well as opportunities that I made happen.  I am thankful for all the wonderful people I've met this past year, and for all those who continue to encourage me to put myself and my work out there.  I am excited about what the new year will bring and already have some exciting projects in the works. 

Wishing you a very happy and creative-filled new year!  I will leave you with this closing thought...


  1. What a wonderful year! Wow, 75 quilt finishes??!!! I feel like a slacker! Here's to the best in 2018!

    1. Thanks Heather--each year I wonder how I will ever top the previous year. This one is going to be difficult! Yes--quite a few finishes but in fairness many of them were fairly small. Here's to more creativity in 2019!


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