Part 3 of QuiltCon 2018: Quilts with a Cause

As I checked out all the amazing quilts on display at QuiltCon, I noticed a widespread trend of quilts made for a cause aka Craftism.  Betsy Greer coined the term Craftism and defined it as "the practice of engaged creativity, especially regarding political or social causes."  Here are a few of my favorites that utilize different quiltmaking techniques...

Messages Conveyed Through Applique/Reverse Applique 
"Get Woke" by Chawne Kimber

This particular piece spoke to me for a few reasons:
  1. I had a chance to hear Chawne's lecture and was in awe at how she creates amazing quilts that communicate such powerful messages.
  2. I love the message and graphic design!!
  3. It is a Mod Mola where she layered blue and red fabric underneath and then did cutwork for a powerful reveal!

"White America" by Jessica Wohl

Jessica's "White America" also uses mod molas/cutwork as both a design and a powerful metaphor for her message.  Be sure to read her Artist Statement above.

"She Was Warned" by Jessica Havertine

Liz was inspired by Elizabeth Warren and used both applique and quilting in her design.

"Ms. Conceived" by Miriam Coffey

Messages Conveyed Through Pieced Designs
"Words Matter" by Robert Bosscher

"We Must Try" by Ashley Brown Durand

Messages Conveyed through the Quilting
Some of the messages were covertly communicated through the quilting designs.  You had to look close to see them and I tried my best to capture them in my detailed photographs.
"Don't Fence Me Out" by the Canberra MQG

The Canberra MQG addressed Australia's policy regarding Refugees in their rail fence design with Welcome messages stitched into the background.

"There is No Planet B" by Niagara MQG

The Niagara MQG quilted messages about the environment into the background areas including:  A map of the globe, Eiffel tower for the Paris Accord, and phrases such as:  "Science matters," "Who Will Save the Earth?" and "Science is Not an Alternative Fact."

Each quilt gave me hope for a more peaceful, kind and caring future...

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