Part 4 of QuiltCon 2018: Awesome Modern Quilting

One of the common characteristics associated with modern quilts is expansive negative space which is perfect for showcasing beautiful, modern quilted texture!!  As I wandered the QuiltCon exhibits, there were so many amazing quilts that drew me closer to check out all the awesome quilting.  Here are just a few of my personal favorites, with detail shots included!!
"Fireflies" by Sarah Sharp, Quilted by Rachel Dorr

While this pieced design reminds me of summer nights watching fireflies, I was seriously in awe of the quilting!!  I spent a lot of time admiring this quilt, especially all the different background motifs and all that tiny pebbling to create the firefly glow!

"Pop Stars" by Krista Hennebury, Quilted by Carol Churnov (of Twin Creek Quilts)

Improv pieced solids help each of these stars twinkle.  And Carol's quilting just sparkled throughout.  While at first glance it appears that each of the 4 star blocks is quilted the same: upon closer examination you see small changes in the quilting designs that give each star personality.

"Arches and Tunnels" by Kristin Shields, Quilted by Julia Jeans

Here is another fun design featuring all solids.  Julia's quilting echoes some of the arch designs and showcases so many beautiful filler designs!!  She clearly had fun with the quilting and I had fun admiring it all!!

Here are two more quilts that showcase a fun variety of background fills...
"Dixon" by Kathleen Riggins

"A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That" by Debra Kidd

"Sacred Heart" by Christina Cameli

Having taken Craftsy classes with Christina Cameli, I was excited to meet her in person for a book signing and see several of her quilts in person.  This fun wedge quilt showcases so many amazing free motion filler designs--so hard to choose which is my favorite!!

There was an abundance of awesome quilting observed thorughout the Charity Quilts Challenge display.  

"Enchanted Sun" by Albuquerque MQG

The quilting beautifully complements the pieced design:  chain of pearls radiating out from each of the suns, quilted flying geese echo the pieced  design and lots of other great quilting designs!!

"Pickle Party" by Central Iowa MQG

Not only is this a gorgeous (and intricately) pieced design, but I loved how the quilting echoed design elements.  There were several "ghost" pickles quilted into the background and filled with gorgeous feather designs and other beautiful motifs.

Aren't they all fabulous?!?  I left with so much quilting inspiration and can't wait to incorporate some of these designs into my next round of quilting!

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